Thomson Reuters makes tax, accounting, and compliance solutions. I worked as a UX Designer for the Onvio Platform, which provides end-to-end tax solutions for small to mid-sized accounting firms and businesses. I worked on multiple projects, collaborated with different stakeholders, and produced deliverables with different levels of fidelity.

In my role as a designer,
β€”   Re-designed existing features, improving its usability and giving a facelift to the UI.
β€”   Planned for successive integration of new functionality into applications, and planned its development with the product team.
β€”   Contributed to the broader design team through design critiques, process improvement discussions, and design system overhaul.


The most important thing I learned during my time at Thomson Reuters was the importance of communication, communicating clearly - how a design works, the impact of the proposed design, and then defending those decisions where necessary. With software that's already being used by a large number of customers, it’s equally important to plan for the rollout of the new design.