photo of Ruta Gokhale

Hey there! I am Ruta Gokhale. I like chocolate chip cookies, making art, and doing morning hikes.
I am a UX Designer. Most recently, I worked at Collibra, designing experiences for a SaaS offering that helps privacy teams in an organization. I enjoy tinkering with things and solving problems for enterprise, B2B software, and SaaS products.

I believe design is a process, not an outcome. It is a mindset that helps you find the right solution to the right problem. After working for 4+ years as a designer, I’ve come to realize, problems come with ambiguities and their fair share of constraints. And therefore, I believe two things are most important to the craft of UX - empathy for the user and exploring creativity within  the box.

I graduated from University of Michigan(Go Blue!) with a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction. I completed my undergraduate education in Computer Science. Today, I am lucky to work in a role where design, engineering, and people converge.

If you want to chat about design, or simply get in touch, reach out to me via LinkedIn or email(ruta.gokhale6@gmail.com). I am always down for a cup of coffee or a good conversation!