Collibra is a data intelligence and governance company. Collibra has a suite of products as a master meta-data management company. I worked as a Sr. UX Designer for the Protect product. Collibra Protect allows privacy teams to streamline data access for organizational data through policy creation and permissions.

Please email me at if you're interested in going through this case study. I have outlined details about my work for Collibra Protect in this document.
Link to case study (password protected)

At Collibra, I got the opportunity to lead and co-own different projects. As a designer it allowed me to take on different roles and work in a more collaborative manner. Reflecting on my work and responsibilities, these were some of the things I did (beyond design) -

  • Stakeholder alignment

    This was the most important part of my job, especially during the initial stages of a project. I worked with the Product Manager to scope the project and get to the “why” by really understanding the problem. It was important to review available user data and take informed next steps.

  • Establish a continuous feedback loop with the developers

    My product partners and development team had evolved their work style to a fairly mature way of agile development. As such, I developed design touchpoints to support their way of working, especially when it came to UI details and design QA.

  • Improving the design process to support project and team needs

    The needs of the project and team are ever-changing. The team and I used to discuss ways to improve our collaboration, be it through mini-workshops, frequent touchpoints, clearer user stories, or specific Slack updates. This was a fun part of my job where all of us were working towards a common goal of making collaboration effective and efficient.

  • Collaborating successfully across time zones

    I am based in San Diego, California; while my team (including PM, entire dev team, and lead designer) was based in Europe. It was a tough challenge to find common work and collaboration slots, but we made it work! I learned to master the art of asynchronous updates and design documentation.

This was really the first time where I was in a position to lead things and work in a start-up-like environment. It was genuinely an amazing experience full of growth and learning.